DAPPS Security Services Ltd

Mission Statement

Our vision at Dapps is to become the acknowledged leader in the provision of security services to suit our clients' diversified and ever-changing needs, leadership will be achieved by establishing the industry standards of execlience.

Realising Our Dream

To realise our dream we must

  • Excel in anticipating and quickly responding to customer needs and competitor activity.
  • Deliver friendly, professional service consistently through well-trained and motivated security ofilcers.
  • Sustain a working environment that attracts, retains and develops committed security officers who share in the success of the organisation.
  • Foster a leadership style that promotes irmovation, teamwork and continuous improvement.
  • Employ planning and decision-making processes that provide clear direction and sense of purpose.

How Safe Are Our Children?

Dapps Security Services Ltd has a wide and varied customer base covering a broad spectrum of industries and service categories.

With the ever-changing and hostile international environment and national threats, for instance, the terrorists are getting more and more ruthless in their campaign to create as much terror and fear as possible in the UK. What would strike fear into the heart of the good citizens of the UK? Attacks on schools, colleges and also public entertainment venues.

How secure are your children's schools and colleges? Dapps Security Services Ltd can ensure that your children attend their venues without fear Dapps Security Services Ltd has to keep abreast of these ever increasing demands to remain in the forefront in delivering professional security services.

Our employees' development strategies will identify skills and competencies required to match environmental demands that are implemented by an astute management team. All Dapps Security officers are trained to SITO standards and have SIA badges. Our selection procedure and in-house training programmes are always being re- appraised.

All our security officers are vetted, through an enhanced personal disclosure or police check.